Remote working and our community model

As the talent market adapts to the global pandemic and economic downturn, traditional workforce models are being reevaluated. XOOTS is pioneering a new approach to work with our innovative “Preelancing” model that combines the flexibility of remote work and portfolio careers with a supportive community ecosystem. In this article, we explore the unique features of our model and how it sets us apart from traditional talent management.

The recent economic challenges have led to the largest tech layoffs in living memory, with nearly 300,000 tech workers made redundant worldwide since 2022. As companies continue their digital transformations amidst these challenges, XOOTS offers a new workforce model for highly skilled individuals seeking flexibility through remote work and portfolio careers. Our model allows us to tap into knowledge, experience, and input anywhere we can in open, unrestricted ways that traditional workforce models cannot achieve. But what does that mean in practice?

For us, it means embracing a distributed model that brings together talented individuals from different time zones, cultures, and backgrounds. Fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion is what we fully believe in and are 100% committed to providing opportunity for everyone.  We believe that organizations that provide flexibility and allow people to work in ways that are best for them and their teams are the model for the future. This flexibility has the potential to improve not only work-life balance and wellbeing, but also performance. 

One thing that really sets us apart is that we’re truly and deeply “people-first.” We’re committed to bringing world-class, passionate product and tech people together to grow with us. And we care about cultivating a great culture where our people can thrive and do meaningful work that helps everyone else out in the world. We’re a distributed company with people in different time zones and countries, with different cultures, religions, and life experiences. Each individual brings something unique and valuable to our community.

The XOOTS community model emphasizes collaboration and diversity, ensuring that only highly skilled individuals who share our values and principles join us through a referral-based system and a rigorous selection process.

As a globally distributed community we have all kinds of cultural differences among our teams, and our goal is to ensure that anyone that comes into our community feels welcome, included, respected, and able to pursue their greatest passions. When people ask me how I define success, I tell them: the day some person in some country helps another community member with a problem and together they share their learning with the rest of the community to make us better as a community of product and tech experts —that’s when we’ll have succeeded.

Our not-so-secret sauce is our proprietary “Preelancing” model: Freelancing + Portfolio Careers. This model provides companies with an elastic, on-demand solution to quickly scale their workforce. The “Preelancing” model consists of five key ingredients:

  1. Flexibility in remote work and portfolio careers: We provide a unique work experience that attracts talented individuals seeking fractional work, remote work, or re-entry into the workforce after a break, such as new parents.
  2. A community-first model with a flat organizational structure: By focusing on building a community, we create a unique value proposition that attracts individuals seeking a sense of belonging, purpose, and a distinct brand identity. Our pioneering ecosystem thrives on the contributions of initiators who seek responsibility and ownership of deliverables.
  3. Sustainable product and engineering practices: We prioritize environmentally-conscious practices, benefiting our Preelancers, clients, and society as a whole.
  4. Continuous learning through XOOTS Academy: Our academy offers integrated learning and training opportunities to help our community members stay ahead in the latest product development methods and techniques.
  5. A unique incentive model with XOOTS digital tokens: Our token system rewards valuable contributions to the community, distinguishing us from other freelancing platforms and consultancies. We always knew we wanted to be “people-first” and create something special that everyone has a sense of belonging. One of the steps we took early on was our decision to ensure that anyone who’s in our community gets digital tokens based on the contribution they make. 

Our experience-based methodology, combined with our focus on the right culture, talent, and tools, positions us to drive improvements in team performance and customer experience. These ingredients allow us to connect businesses with curated, high-performing teams for mission-critical digital initiatives. Through our academy, our teams are trained in the latest product development methods and techniques, boasting a high productivity index and expertise in sustainable product design. This brings greater efficiency and cost savings to tech initiatives, helping our clients reach their full potential.

At XOOTS, we aim to transform work by creating a flexible and inclusive work model that empowers both businesses and professionals to excel. As pioneers of this new workforce model, we strive to become the go-to destination for top “Preelance” talent and businesses seeking digital solutions at a faster pace. By harnessing the power of community and focusing on metrics that enable teams to outperform, our model unlocks the potential of teams to thrive in the digital age.

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