What would your leadership creed contain?

There are good leaders and bad leaders. Throughout my career, I’ve prided myself on being a decent leader, but I’ve learned along the way. My experiences, both positive and negative, have taught me valuable lessons about the successes and failures of leadership, sometimes involving my own actions. Great leaders are humble enough to admit when they are wrong, learn from it, and pivot. If you were to create a leadership creed, what would it include? Here’s what mine would look like:

Leadership trait # 1 – Respect: I believe in treating others with kindness and respect, acknowledging the people around me and the work they do. This involves not just respecting those more senior to you, but also those who may not have had the same opportunities or come from diverse backgrounds. I also expect others to do the same, treating people with respect and kindness. If you don’t, then I’m not here to help you. I have no patience for immaturity or disrespect, and I believe you’ll never be the type of leader who brings out the best in your team.

Leadership trait # 2 – transparency: I value openness and transparency. Speak your truth if you want others to follow and if you want them to do the same.  I believe that transparency is essential for creating a collaborative working environment where everyone can trust and rely on each other.

Leadership trait # 3No blame: I recognize that mistakes happen. I have learned so much from my own errors, but I strive not to repeat them. I believe that how you address and fix a mistake reveals the leader within you.

Leadership trait # 4No negativity: Negativity hinders creative thinking and drains energy from everyone. I appreciate when someone offers alternatives rather than being negative about a suggestion. I work best with people who maintain a positive attitude and actively participate in problem-solving.

Leadership trait # 5Keeping promises: I set high standards for myself, and I have high expectations of everyone I work with. Having high standards means that when I make a commitment, I am fully invested and resolute. It is important to me that everyone follows through on their commitments and takes accountability with enthusiasm and excitement, not as a burden.

Leadership trait # 6Decisiveness: I am data-driven and combine this with my experience to make informed decisions. Although I prefer data and experience-based choices, I am also willing to take risks because I value progress over perfection. I don’t shy away from making big decisions. I listen to others’ perspectives and gather context before making bold choices.

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