C = Lonely; A provocative discussion with Brian MacDonald & Alex Alexander on leading change at the C-Level!

🎙️Excited to announce the launch of the ‘Beyond the Tech’ Podcast – a Bryan and Alex Production. This is where my dear friend, Bryan MacDonald (founder and CEO of The Digital Board ) and I, delve into conversations with influential technology and business leaders across the globe.

🌟We’ll discuss the challenges they’ve navigated while leading complex change, sharing insights into their journeys and we conclude with 5 takeaways.

🌟To launch the series, Bryan interviews me exploring my career journey. I’ll share the highs, lows, successes, failures, and insights into my leadership style.

🌟This podcast is dedicated to the thousands I’ve been privileged to work with over the past two decades. Each of you, has been a chapter in my story of unwavering belief: that leadership is about empowering and inspiring others.

🌟Vulnerability : Many of you have walked alongside me through moments of vulnerability, setbacks, and fears. But more than these moments, I hope you remember the resilience we found together, the strength we drew from each other, and the way we transformed challenges into catalysts for growth.

You can access the podcast below:

I hope you enjoy the episode, and please share any thoughts and comments🎙️

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